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Building Owners and Managers Association of Northwest Arkansas

Jonathan Jones

Senior Property Manager

Dallas, Texas

Jonathan Jones (J.J.) is a 15-year veteran in the commercial real estate industry and has represented, developed, and managed assets from Corporate Facilities to Agribusiness on 5 different continents. In this time, he has built a top-notch network and has been nationally recognized and awarded as a top manager in the industry due to his innovation and approach.

His graduate work consisted of two things; applying lean process management to commercial real estate, and organizational behavior. The latter resulted in a published work on the business problems of generational diversity that can be found in the International Journal of Arts and Sciences. Additionally, he was a speaker both at Harvard and the Cambridge business and economics conference in the United Kingdom.

What separates J.J.’s work from most of his contemporaries is that he not only identifies the problems that are being faced but offers solutions and strategies to address the issues we all identify with. He now lectures and offers seminars around the country for professional organizations and companies that want an in-depth perspective on how to address of the most modern of issues.

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